Create Spotify playlists from songs you liked on Pandora

Chrome extension Pandora to Spotify Playlist Converter lets you easily create a playlist on Spotify from songs you liked on Pandora.

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Matt Elliott
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I was probably one of the last people in our great land who regularly purchased CDs. After Spotify landed on our shores, however, I finally stopped the practice of buying them, instead relying on Spotify and Pandora for my listening pleasure. I enjoy both services, and now with a Chrome extension called Pandora to Spotify Playlist Converter, I can get the two talking to one another, to a degree.

The conversation is one-sided. That is, the extension helps you move tracks from Pandora to Spotify. Specifically, it lets you copy links for tracks you've liked on Pandora and paste them into a playlist on Spotify. Here's how it works:

After the Pandora to Spotify Playlist Converter installs, it places a small icon to the right of Chrome's URL bar. Navigate your way to a page on Pandora that lists your likes, whether it's the page on your profile that lists all of your likes or a particular Pandora station that features a list of "Thumbed-up Tracks." All the extension does is search the current Pandora page in Chrome for a list of tracks you've previous liked by hitting the thumbs-up button. For example, if you have a long list that shows only the top five, the extension will list only five. Click the Show more button to expand the list and the extension will list more.

If you are on a page that does not feature any liked tracks, you'll see this message:

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

For for pages that contain tracks you've liked, you'll see something like this:

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

It features a list of the songs at the bottom with either an check mark or an X next to them. The check mark means the song is available in Spotify; the X means it's not. At the top of the window is a box with links for the tracks listed below. You can copy one, some, or all of the links to paste into Spotify. Open the Spotify app, create a playlist, and choose Paste either from the pull-down menu or via keyboard shortcut to drop the tracks into the playlist.

It's as simple as that. Now you can listen to a playlist of your favorite songs from Pandora.

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