Crayola killing off one of its crayon colors? Color me sad

Fans could be seeing red on Friday when one of the colors from the iconic 24-pack has a meltdown. But which one will it be? Some guesses.

Friday is National Crayon Day, and Crayola has decided to celebrate by murdering one of its crayon colors.

Seriously, does PETA celebrate National Cow Day by grilling up a burger? Is Crayola trying to make fans see red, or maybe feel bluer than blue? Hue thought of this, and why?

Crayola has retired colors before (no one misses raw umber, which sounds like the name of a torturer on "Game of Thrones"). But never in its 100-year history has the company axed a crayon from its popular 24-crayon box. (Another color will be added to make up the difference, it won't be renamed the 23-crayon box.)

Let's look at those colors and guess about who's likely to get waxed.

Staying: Passed with flying colors

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, orange, violet, black, brown, gray, white.

Realistically, if you're a color that's simple enough for a kindergartener to identify, you're a permanent resident of Crayola Town. Some Twitter users think white is a useless color, but they've obviously never tried to draw a snowman on a sheet of black construction paper.

Questionable: What's in a name?

Carnation pink, cerulean, apricot, scarlet, indigo, dandelion.

These creatively named colors have their fans, but Crayola could be planning a surprise by yanking one now, then slyly renaming it and adding it back in later under Witness Protection. "You knew me as Cerulean, but now I want to be referred to as Caribbean Queen."

In danger: Oh, the hue-manity

Yellow orange, blue green, red violet, red orange, yellow green, blue violet, violet red, green yellow.

Can you tell yellow green from green yellow? Red violet from violet red? It's like somebody at Crayola was impatient to go home one day and just shuffled a deck of colors they already had. If one of the classics from the 24-pack has to go, it could be one of these and no one would even notice. And if you've got money to put on it, yellow green seems to be Twitter's choice.

Fans of a particular color can share their opinion with the Twitter hashtag #shareyourfave, or comment on the upcoming meltdown with #whosleaving. But the color will be announced during a livestreamed event on Friday March 31, so you'd better be quick on the draw.

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