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Craving NYC: Our new video blog

This week, fine art meets high tech at NYU.

It goes without saying that these days, we're all living the digital life. But sometimes it's still pretty cool to see the small and not-so-small ways in which technology permeates the world we live in. And that's why I'm launching Crave's latest feature, a weekly video blog in which I find the coolest techno-happenings in my beloved home city of New York and document them with a handheld camcorder and a video crew consisting

This week, for my inaugural post, I check out the creative, innovative, and often totally absurd fusions of art and technology at New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program, which had its semi-annual student show a few weeks ago. Would you wear a solar-powered bathing suit if it could generate enough power to cool a six-pack of Budweiser at the beach?

Next week: playing Wii Sports in one of Manhattan's hippest downtown hotels.