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Craving NYC: Holiday gift gadgetry, in September

The latest installment of the Craving NYC video series.

What do you call it when people have started to bust out the fake snow and start talking about holiday gift buying before you've even begun to plan your Halloween costume? I'll tell you what you call it. You call it scary.

But such is our culture. Last week, Jeff Bakalar and I went over to the "Holiday Spectacular" event held by Pepcom, that company that has turned a combination of open bars, schlocky decoration themes, and display cases of cell phones and cameras into a cottage industry. I saw cool gadgets. Enough said.

But Jeff, being the anti-materialist that he is, wouldn't have anything to do with the holiday gift-scouting fever. No, he was just really interested in chatting with those long-suffering booth babes. What a sociable fellow he is.