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Craving NYC: Downtown chic meets Wii Sports

The next installment of Crave's new video blog!

We took a break from Craving NYC last week so that you all could savor the multitude of exciting announcements coming from CES and Macworld. But now that's over, and I have a new video blog adventure to share with you.

Recently, I had the opportunity to check out some high-tech fun at the Hotel Gansevoort, one of those hotspots in the Meatpacking District of downtown Manhattan--you know, the kind of place that shows up in the pages of Us Weekly because of its celebrity clientele. But one thing you don't read about in the gossip columns is the fact that the front desk of the Gansevoort has a number of Wii consoles available to its guests. Totally Craveable!

So, thanks to the hotel's PR team (a few of them make appearances in this video), I was able to go and play some Wii Sports in the Gansevoort's penthouse suite. It was a blast, but wow, I sure was paranoid about breaking something with the Wiimote!

Next week: Looking at the stuff that New Yorkers don't crave. (Besides traffic jams on the West Side Highway.) And if you missed the last episode of Craving NYC, check it out here!