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Craving attention? Turn heads with these video earrings

Pop a pair of 2-inch screens on your lobes and see what happens.

Video earrings
Yes, you need TVs on your ears.

It's tough to stand out sometimes. It seems everyone's a celeb in the making, destined for fame and glory, and you're just...ordinary.

We all need a little edge to get by. Well, here's some high-tech bling that'll make you nearly impossible to ignore. Who could turn away from someone with a pair of earrings that play video?

Yes, from the minds at MJ McLaren comes this Indiegogo campaign for prototype video earrings that play footage for four to eight hours.

Judging by the computer illustrations, it's hard to imagine what the actual earrings would look or feel like. The concept is pushing for $10,000 to see the light of day.

"The Video Earrings can show videos as slide shows, screen savers, real homemade videos, family videos, music videos, advertisement videos, or professionally developed videos," the campaign page tells us.

The 2.2-inch screens would play popular video formats and would be loaded and recharged via USB cable.

Set in a carbon fiber frame, the high-tech jewelry would have simple volume and power buttons and built-in speakers -- just in case what's coming out of your mouth isn't as interesting as what's on your screens.

The Video Earrings are being offered for only $50 and come with attachments of various lengths; check out more details here.

What do you think? Would these motivate people to look one another in the face again instead of looking down at their smartphone screens? Would you try them?