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Crave readers' tattoos: Yep, they're geeky

We put out the call for geeky reader tattoos and we got an impressive display of super-nerdy graphical markings.

A few weeks ago, some friends and I won a trivia contest at a local bar. As a prize, we each got a gift card for Under the Needle, a tattoo shop in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle. I had no tattoos at the time, but I figured this freebie was a sign. A few days later, I had a D&D-style 20-sided die etched onto the back of my right arm.

But I'm not the only nerd with tattoos. We had a feeling some of our Crave readers might also have some badass markings we could admire, so we put out the call, and boy did you answer.

In the gallery to the right you'll see a host of nerdtastic tattoos sent in by you, the Crave readers. We like some better than others, but we love that all shout, loudly, "Look, I'm a real nerd, not one of these milquetoast, casual nerds. I'm the real thing!"

I'm with you, brothers and sisters. Or at least I will be when the scabbing stops.