Crave Podcast Episode 33: Fed up with Facebook?

Is Facebook the saviour of the human race? Or the first horseman of the apocalypse? Find out in this week's sensational Crave Podcast...

Chris Stevens

Is Facebook driving us all to become mute, social recluses, or is it the best way to keep in contact with friends and organise parties? We decide in this week's trial.

Other treats in this week's podcast include news that students have created sensual phones that 'tingle' when friends are near. We also ponder why the US military has blocked its troops from YouTube.

We dissect Google's revamping of its search engine, play with a new Santa Rosa laptop and reflect on a few holes in Apple's ad campaigns. Plus we have a smashing sing-along, to tunes that were sent in by our dear listeners.

If you'd like to comment on the podcast, be sure to leave your thoughts below. We'd love to hear from you -- you might even get ripped apart in next week's show. Happy podding, geekos. Click here to listen. -Chris Stevens