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Crave Podcast: Apple TV on trial

Does the shiny white beast pump us up?

Crave UK

Come on in out of the spring sun geeks! Your ghostly World of Warcraft skin won't offer protection against the deadly bright weather outside. Come back in to the dark safety of your parent's basement and listen to another episode of the uniformly delicious Crave Podcast.

This week we're putting Apple TV on trial--does the shiny white beast pump us up? And what about Apple TV, is that any good?

We'll also reveal to you the finest gadgets on offer in the last seven days. Thrill as Rory 'Buster' Reid takes you on a journey you'll never forget, aided by his malformed henchmen, Ian and Rupert. The only sane individual among them is producer Kate Macefield, but she's no longer allowed field artillery in the podcast room. Is there any chance of keeping them under control? Click here to find out...

(Source: Crave UK)