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Crave Podcast 87: Telepathic robot monkeys

It's Podcast Friday and we're bringing you a show so hot you'll burn your earlobes just listening to it. We've got our hands on a phone with a TV tuner and the scorching MSI Wind

The number 87 means so much to us. It's the 26th distinct biprime, it's the atomic number of francium (the suavest element), and in cricket it's the Devil's number -- unlucky because it's 13 short of a century. More importantly, though, it's the number of times you've been hit upside the head with a Crave Podcast.

To mark this momentous occasion, Rory, Shannon, Rupert and Nate bring you a show so hot, you'll burn your earlobes just listening to it. We kick things off with the story of a baby put up for sale on eBay "because it cries too much", then dip into the real-life shootout that stemmed from car thieves on Craigslist.

We then talk about an alternative to the MP3 format that lets you adjust the volume of every instrumental and vocal track independently, and tell you how you can control your PC games by waving almost any object in front of it. Yes, even body parts. Your own, or someone else's.

This week's hands-on section includes the £700 Audio Technica W5000 headphones, the Gigabyte GSmart t600 phone, which has a DAB TV tuner, and the scorchio new MSI Wind laptop.

Naturally, we answer all your questions from the forums, and wrap things up with a very concerning WTF. This week it's all about a bunch of crazy, foolhardy scientists that have enabled monkeys to control robotic limbs using the power of monkey thought. W. T. F.

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