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Crave Podcast 81: The Jesus laptop

In this episode we discuss mind control in games, GPS systems for tracking the location of your nearest police officer and pubic hair in laptops

A wise man once said, "If you love someone, set them free. If they come back -- they're yours." And that's exactly what happened with our very own Guy Cocker, who makes a return to the Crave Podcast after a longer hiatus than the second series of Heroes. The GameSpot UK features editor sits down for a bit of banter with the crew, which this week consists of camera guru Rich T, digital music man Nate L, and international man of mysteriousness Rory R.

We kick the show off by talking to Guy about a brand-new headset that allows users to control games with nothing other than their mind. That's right, pretty soon we'll all be getting our Derren Brown on, as long as US company Emotive stays on track and releases the system later this year. It can detect your brain waves -- or EEGs -- plus muscle movement, heart rate and sweat levels, which when put together can be translated into on-screen gameplay.

The biggest headlines in the laptop world have all concerned the new 9-inch Asus Eee PC 900, but there's a holier contender waiting in the wings. The Jisus laptop has much in common with the Eee but it's the only machine we've seen that uses a 1GHz Loongson CPU. We're not sure if it has the backing of the Lord God Himself, but we think it could do quite well. Watch out for a 25 May release date. Yes, that's a Sunday.

There's news that London's Metropolitan Police will be hooking up its officers to a GPS-type locator system that lets cop controllers know exactly where the rozzers are in the field. It's designed to help them co-ordinate their policing efforts more effectively, but perhaps they haven't banked on geeky criminals who can hack the system to find out where police aren't before going on a crime spree. Scary stuff.

We also tell you why simply throwing a promo CD in the bin is tantamount to piracy, answer some forums questions, and finish up with a WTF section involving one Dell laptop, one unhappy customer and many, many human pubic hairs

Download episode 81 from this link, or go to our Podcast homepage to subscribe in iTunes and for more information. Listen, lol, learn -- then discuss it in the Crave Podcast Lounge. -Rory Reid

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