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Crave Podcast 74: New MacBooks, real-life Robocops invade

The Web's maddest tech podcast is back and this week it's a total sausage-fest. But don't worry, we've got new gadgets to talk about, including new MacBooks and a real-life Robocop!

The Web's maddest tech podcast is back and this week there's no girls to keep it in check. It's a total sausage-fest. But don't let the testosterone put you off -- we have tonnes of cool news and plenty of sexy gadgets to tell you about.

Should P2P file sharers be paid for distributing illegal music files? Our TV honcho Ian Morris seems to think so -- he reckons the record companies should pay KaZaa kiddies for helping people discover artists' music. Mentalist or visionary? You decide.

Also, Sony is quaking in its corporate boots. It's said it's worried Asus' Eee PC could cut the bottom out of the laptop business. And it's probably right -- why would anyone spend in excess of £1,000 on a new Sony laptop when they can do much the same thing with a £170 Eee?

We've also got our hands on the new MacBooks, a spiffy new Blu-ray player from Panasonic, and Samsung's Armani phone. Then, because we love you, we tell you about a real-life, fully-armed Robocop built by a pub landlord to ward off drug dealers. And smoke meat.

Brace yourself, click this link, then tell us what you think in the Crave Podcast Lounge forum. -Rory Reid

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