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Crave Podcast 57: Why the $100 laptop sucks

In this week's poddy cee, Kate vacates the studio, Rory turns his negative attentions to the $100 laptop, and Andrew tells us why he wants to have all kinds of crazy hanky panky in a clown suit

As the weekend looms, so does another episode of the Crave Podcast. This week Rory sprays his own brand of concentrated venom towards the so-called $100 laptop. Is it the ultimate exercise in philanthropy, or is it just an over-hyped waste of time hampered by a disorganised collective of companies each with their own agenda?

As usual, the crew dissect the week's most interesting news, including the Mac Trojan horse for porn addicts, things you're not allowed to do in the private suite of a Singapore Airlines Airbus A380, why a mum is suing Prince, and how the entire Web might end up looking like Facebook.

Rory, Andrew, Nate and Rupert had to do without Kate this week, but the boys had an interesting time nonetheless, ending the show with news of a real-life tractor beam!

You can get your pod-flavoured kicks by hitting the download link over here. -Rory Reid

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