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Crave Podcast 56: Is Photoshop evil?

It's episode 56 of your favourite podcast: this week in The Trial, we debate whether digitally enhancing images undermines the art and integrity of photography

We've hit the studio for the 56th time to bring you another stonking episode of the Crave Podcast. In The Trial this week, camera expert Rich T claims Photoshopped images undermine the art and integrity of photography -- an opinion not shared by his peers.

But before that, we tackle the week's hottest news -- including a Ferrari-branded Segway, graphics cards that help you crack passwords, a mobile phone that runs off AA batteries, and what Microsoft is doing buying a stake in Facebook.

Also in the show, we take time to answer a couple of listener emails, wax lyrical about the gadgets we've been craving, and give you the definitive last word on whether you should buy the Asus Eee PC.

It's aural pleasure the likes of which you never thought possible. Download the show now right here. -Rory Reid

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