Crave Podcast 50: Do you want to be a professional gamer?

This week we look at huge iPhone bills, a pair of jeans that can control your iPod and how to make a million dollars just by playing videogames

The Crave Podcast team was all a-flutter today, having just received an invitation to an Apple event next week to launch a certain phone-related product. While on the subject of the iPhone we discussed the enormous roaming bills it's possible to run up with the device you can't turn off.

Meanwhile, we learnt that you can make a living out of playing videogames. The Championship Gaming Series offers a proper salary for gamers who compete in their events -- and there's $1,000,000 worth of prizes too. We spoke to Sujoy Roy from CGS -- he's the UK's first pro gamer -- who told us how we could get in on the action.

We also got Nate Lanxon, our MP3 and Digital Music reviewer to talk about the new range of iPods, and what kind of upwardly-mobile hipster each model is aimed at. As if that wasn't enough Apple banter, we checked out some Levi jeans with a built-in iPod controller.

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So without further ado, get your podcast here. -Ian Morris

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