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Crave Podcast 49: Is Apple's iPod touch a winner?

Apple's gone touchy-feely this week and updated its iPod line -- hear our views on the brand-spanking new models and find out why it's not all rosy in the Apple camp in this week's episode

So Apple's wooed the world once again with its latest updates to the iPod family -- it launched the iPod touch, the 160GB iPod classic, new video nanos and new shuffle colours, not to mention dropped the price of the iPhone in the US by $200. The Crave Podcast team always loves a little dig at Apple -- this week it's prime pickings. Hear their views on Jobs, his new toys and what's causing fans to howl with agony in this week's episode.

Also up for discussion this week is the rumour that Microsoft may be making a Zune phone, word on a beefed-up dual-format hi-def DVD player from LG, and Sir Ridley Scott's claim that small screens are "ruining" film. In Crave we go large with a 110-inch TV from JVC, get our hands-on the HTC TyTN 2 P4550 and find out all about a pee-powered battery.

The LG KU990 Viewty is currently proving to be a hit on our site -- we run down its top features, and talking of features, we also hear of a £140 toothbrush with built-in sat-nav. WTF?

As usual, we've helped out a couple of our listeners this week with their tech troubles. If you want our experts to come to your rescue, write to us -- post a comment below, email us at, or do as everyone else is doing and join our Crave Podcast Facebook group. The discussion boards are calling...

Don't delay -- click here to download this week's dose of tech merriment. -Kate Macefield

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