Crave Podcast 48: Hot gossip from the Games Convention

In this week's podcast Guy Cocker from GameSpot UK dishes the dirt on the Leipzig Games Convention, and we raise our eyebrows at China's latest attempt to patrol the Internet

Guy Cocker, formerly of this parish and now with our sister site GameSpot UK, has just returned from the Leipzig Games Convention, where he went in search of all the latest gossip from the games industry. We coaxed him into this week's Crave Podcast so he could dish the dirt. Find out how Sony intends to make it up to us European folk after the PS3 launch fiasco -- and what in the name of Helen Daniels is Jason Donovan doing in a videogame?

Also getting a mention this week is the news that Apple's iTunes will begin selling TV shows in the UK, while across the pond, Manhunt 2 gets tweaked for release. We laugh at the silly fools who blindly follow their sat-navs into tight spaces, and laugh a lot harder at TrekStor, which has recently had to rename a product it initially called the iBeat Blaxx...

As for products, we take look at the pros and cons of the Samsung U700 slider phone, glance at a lovely new 1080p plasma from Samsung and Rupert Goodwins gets wood over a bunch of gadgets made from trees.

We visit China for our 'WTF?' section this week. Those crazy commies have developed animated virtual police that patrol your browser and remind you that you're constantly being watched -- and we thought Channel 4's Big Brother was disturbing.

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But before you do, click here to listen. -Kate Macefield

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