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Crave Podcast 42: Is Firefox the best browser?

Is Firefox really better than its rivals or does it just have a fan base that shouts louder? And what's the crack with Wireless USB? Find out in this week's hopped-up episode of the Crave Podcast

This week's episode of the Crave Podcast is brought to you by the letter 'd' -- namely drunk and disorderly.

How on Earth the prosecution and defence passed the breathalyser test and were allowed to put the open-source browser Firefox on trial, no-one knows -- the judge must have been off his head. Oh, wait a minute, he was. Find out whether he was sober enough to call a fair verdict on "the world's favourite piece of software".

You can almost hear the beer fumes swilling around the room as the excitable team members focus their attention for long enough to talk about new Wireless USB technology, the necessity of Facebook's privacy settings and free Wi-Fi in London town. Asus's new £199 Linux laptop gets an enthusiastic thumbs-up, as does Spyke, a Wi-Fi robot spy system. Plus the team eagerly awaits the new Transformers movie, and fawns over the "awesome" Transformers t-shirts that are up for grabs in our latest competition.

TV editor Ian Morris pays tribute to the tech that should have won as he takes a trip through the format wars of the past -- watch out for his full feature, which will be launching on the site next week. Our greatest fan pays tribute to Rupert as he 'pens' a few Chuck Norris-style facts about His Lordship and we doff our caps to the lucky, lucky boy who was sent £44,000 in cash instead of a PS2 he ordered from eBay.

If you want to leave your thoughts, suggestions or messages of condolence for the Crave Podcast team, post your comments below, email us at or log on to the Crave Podcast Facebook group and write on our wall.

It's a lively one folks -- tune in or miss out.

Click here to listen now. -Kate Macefield

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