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Crave Podcast 41: How reliable is Wikipedia?

Is Wikipedia a celebration of the world's knowledge or does it just spread noise? We put the editable encyclopaedia on trial in this week's episode

Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia that anyone can edit, is a wealth of information on almost every topic imaginable, but is it "a good thing, celebrating the world's knowledge and making it available to everyone at no cost, or a seething pit of falseness that will strike our hearts and make us blind?" We put Wikipedia on trial and our experts duke it out in this week's Crave Podcast.

In this episode we also discuss the latest gaming news from E3, including the announcement of a PS3 price drop in the US, the upgrade to Sony's PSP and some crazy new controllers for Nintendo's Wii, including a Zapper and a Balance Board, which is specifically designed to help you get fit. In other news we tip our hats to, which has now struck a deal with Sony to host its entire catalogue of music, and we ponder just how the Web is responsible for a huge rise in teen pregnancies in China.

If you want gadgets that will help you stop smoking, a camera that miaows when you take pictures or a very, very smart MP3 player from Cowon, we can help. And maybe in return you can help us understand why Nokia's 8600 Luna is so expensive.

In fact, help is our theme of the week. Many listeners have contacted us to ask how they can produce their own podcast, so we decided to let our sound engineer loose on a mic -- Jonny Reeves waxes lyrical about hardware, software and eggboxes...

Intrigued? Or just confused? Listen now and all will be revealed.

And if you've got a tech question you want answered, make sure you email us at, post a comment below or join our Crave Podcast Facebook group and scribble away on our wall. -Kate Macefield

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