Crave Podcast 37: Has the Internet killed TV?

Can our special guest, <em>The Gadget Show</em>'s Jon Bentley, leave his TV presenter hat outside the courtroom and judge our broadcast telly trial fairly? More to the point, can he control the unruly prosecution? Find out in the latest podcast...

Kate Macefield
2 min read

We prepared to clean up our act this week and welcome a very special guest in the studio -- the legendary Jon Bentley from five's The Gadget Show. But little did he know we had a surprise in store for him as we asked him to determine the fate of a subject very close to his heart: we put broadcast TV on trial. Can he call order in the court and deliver an unbiased verdict? Find out in the latest Crave Podcast.

Also up for debate is Apple's new Safari browser for Windows, a new era of gaming on Macs and the church's disgust with a PS3 shooter set in Manchester cathedral. We also don our green hats for just a minute and discuss a new effort to get more PC juice from power supplies, as well as investigate whether there's any spark in the wireless energy claim.

In the Crave section we pick out some muppet-proof gadgets for Glastonbury, let you know what happens when you punch a punch-proof monitor and drool audibly over Sennheiser's rather special PXC 450 headphones.

It's the final week of our jingle competition this week and we have a weirdly wonderful entry from Richard Langham (thanks Richard, although what was going through your head at the time we can only imagine). Vote now if you think it deserves to win the SanDisk goodie bag -- you can email us at podcast@cnet.co.uk, call the podline on 020 8133 4763 or post your thoughts on our Crave Podcast Facebook group wall. We also want you to test Rory's tech expertise in our new 'Rory knows...' feature starting next week. Send us your questions now.

And we thought we'd finish the podcast with a little WTF? gem this week -- if you've always wanted to know about the mating habits of gender-bending robot reptiles, you really should click here to listen. -Kate Macefield