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Crave Podcast 27: Twitter on trial

Is Twitter good for your health? Can Madonna protect you from shark attacks? And is a Dell-toting Mexican dangerous? Find out all the answers and more in this week's Crave Podcast

Rory Reid, Andrew Lim, Kate Macefield and new boy Nate Lanxon take to the podcast dinghy this week and go snorkelling through the hazy seas of consumer tech and popular science.

Amid the random rambles and hearty guffaws, this episode takes a microscopic look into the lives of nanobloggers as social-networking site Twitter is put on trial. The caring team investigates whether anyone actually gives a monkey's what you're doing every second of the day. Can Twitter cure depression? And are Twitterers really at the bottom of the food chain, existing for the sole purpose of being gobbled for lunch by hungry bloggers?

They also glance back at the PS3 launch -- 165,000 consoles sold in just two days, and the team knows of the existence of... one. They hear from disgruntled Virgin Media customers, who seem desperate to switch to Sky, and find out why dangerous criminals in Mexico may soon be battering your door down with a Dell. Can you possibly take any more?

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