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Crave Podcast 25: Is there a Google phone?

This week's podcast gets all Mulder and Scully on the Google phone rumour, has a laugh about EA dissing the PS3 and looks forward to the day when robots make us tea

Hell, we just popped our hearts! This week's podcast is so bastard* great that you'll listen to it in a dazed euphoria comparable to the mind-state of post-80s Jackson.

You'll hear why the world's largest videogame publisher expects the "expensive" PlayStation 3 to be much less dominant than its predecessor, according to outgoing exec Larry Probst. We'll treat your listening-nipples to the robust laptop, or 'pupil device', a computer for kids designed to withstand rough handling, and we get all Sherlock on the rumoured Google phone.

As if that weren't enough, we'll badger you about a new generation of robots in training to serve tea, and we'll investigate a survey by the British School of Motoring that found young drivers are more likely to speed and drive recklessly after playing a racing game.

Put your old IBM t-shirt and Coke-bottle glasses on, geek, it's time to get funky. Click here to listen.

*It was born out of wedlock.

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