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Crave Podcast 16: Rockstar's 'Bully' on trial

Can iPods be used as Ouija boards? Why have we been beating up school children for fun? Will CCTV cameras eventually be equipped with weapons? All these questions and more answered in this week's Podcast...

This week we discuss iPods being used as Ouija boards, and debate the merits of a new videogame called Bully (aka Canis Canem Edit), in which you can beat up school children. We also scrutinise bio-mechanical body suits, and ask if CCTV cameras will eventually be equipped with weapons.

Finally, there's an update on the world of Blu-ray and a sneak preview of a design tool that lets you sketch furniture in mid-air.

Join Rory Reid, Chris Stevens, Rupert Goodwins and Guy Cocker as they explore the badlands of consumer tech and popular science. Click here to listen now.

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