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Crave Podcast 13: Who's bored of blogs?

Are blogs an invaluable news source or a chance for some kooky guy to tell you what he had for breakfast? The latest Crave Podcast brings you all the news, views and weird happenings from the world of consumer tech...

Everybody's doing it, from government ministers to that guy in class who never utters a word -- blogs seem to have taken over the universe. In the latest Crave Podcast, Rory Reid, Chris Stevens and Rupert Goodwins put the blogosphere on trial. Are blogs an essential alternative news source and a massive tool for freedom of speech, or merely glorified diaries that make you reach for the snooze button?

News of Apple's latest launch hits the podwaves, and there are mixed views on Microsoft's choice of autumnal colours for its Zune. Rupert rants on Microsoft's DRM this week, and what Chuck D thinks of the matter -- if you can decipher the bleeps. The podcast's crystal ball looks to the future, and sees an intercontinental underground train travelling at ridiculous speeds under the Atlantic, but it gets more ridiculous when the topic turns to a device that lets fish navigate on dry land... WTF?

Confused? Intrigued? For all this, and more, download the latest episode from the Crave Podcast homepage. -KM

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