Crave Podcast 12: Hi-def on trial

Is high definition worth bothering with, is the iMac really 50 per cent faster and why has the Sony PS3 really been delayed? For the answer to all these questions, and more, check out the latest Crave Podcast

Ingrid Marson

High definition is the phrase on everyone's lips at the moment, but the Crave team is unsure whether it's bovvered. In this week's podcast Rory Reid, Chris Stevens, Andrew Lim and Rupert Goodwins put high definition on trial. Do we want sharper, better pictures or are we getting too much detail? Do we really want to see every pit on Brad Pitt's face?

The podcast also covers hot issues including the Sony PS3 delay, Apple's new 24-inch iMac and the Samsung Blu-ray player, as well as drooling over the Dualit DAB radio, with its toaster-like chrome chassis.

For all this, and more, download the latest episode from the Crave Podcast homepage. -IM