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Crave Podcast 108: Space stinks

Another cosmic episode of the Crave Podcast sees Nate, Ian and Andrew talking about space smells, charity donations on a mobile, as well as answering your questions

This week on the Crave Podcast, Ian, Nate and Andrew rake over the week in tech and Ian tries very hard to keep his temper in the face of overwhelming lunacy from a certain member of the team and his proposed purchase.

In the news this week we covered topics as diverse as mobile phone charity downloads, and the amount of money going to the good cause. We discovered you can get buried in a technology-themed coffin and that the Nintendo Wii could be potentially lethal to pets. We also pondered the new Apple ad campaign and discussed its growing profits.

We also took some time to look at the cool gadgets we've had our hands on this week. Andrew got excited about a phone with a round screen, Nate enlightened us about the things Steve Jobs has banned and Ian mentions an upgrade to Apple TV that makes it fractionally less useless.

In a new feature we keep a watchful eye on Nate, find out how close he is to purchasing a MacBook and offer gentle advice to coax the impressionable young fellow away from the dark side. We also took time to chat to a snowboarding chap who offers some advice about half-pipes, and helps us to give away a £1,000 washing machine to one lucky CNET UK reader.

As usual, we took a look at your feedback from our all-new forums and tried to answer a few questions. If you'd like to get in touch, our Podcast Lounge is the best place to do it.

We finished the show by talking about the odour of space, which is apparently reminiscent of fried steak and motorbike welding. To be fair, they could have said it smelt like spoons and we'd have no choice but to believe them -- it's not like Crave is going to leave the planet any time soon. Check out the previous 107 eps here, subscribe in iTunes here, or right-click this link to download the MP3. –Ian Morris

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