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Crave in Comments: From B&N to bedbugs

Our new feature serves up some witty and thought-provoking comments from Crave readers.

Our new feature "Crave in Comments" highlights just a few of the many intelligent, provocative, and funny comments readers share about Crave stories daily. Every Friday, we'll showcase a handful of comments that caught our eye during the week. We encourage you to join the discussion and share your own opinions, quips, and creative suggestions. The more voices, the merrier the Crave chorus!

Regarding New Sony Vaio F, S series laptops go upscale:

"I think the VAIO S series is the best laptop I have seen. It is thin, really portable at around 3 pounds, and so fast. I probably will buy one next year once 22nm CPU comes out. It already has 7-8 hours of battery life so that less power hungry CPU should increase it. Plus, for all of those of you that don't know, you can add a sheet (flat) battery to it and it will get 15 hours." --by phamhlam

Regarding B&N fires back at Amazon over Kindle battery life:

"How about both companies making the battery replaceable, instead of insisting on "mine is bigger." --by rreally_bored

Regarding Swing your sabers! Today is Geek Pride Day:

"Does being a Rubik's Cube master since the 80's qualify?" --by TechTalkGuy

Regarding Bite this! Handheld device sniffs out bedbugs:

"Fanastic invention, if it works well. I'll put it in my travel bed bug kit along with my allersac and bugzip bags. This guy will make a fortune." --by toofeminine

Regarding Infrared satellite survey reveals 17 lost pyramids:

"So can they tell us where Jimmy Hoffa is?" --by llungster