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Crave gabs about geeky 2013 in beta G+ Hangout

Check out the practice run of Crave's debut Google+ Hangout for a gabfest on the year's nerdalicious highlights. Then give us your suggestions on how we can make our next Hangout better.

Costume designer Mel Hoppe as Japanese manga character Sailor Moon. It was a beautiful year to be a geek, or maybe a year full of geeky beauty.

As you may have noticed, we Crave folks are a tad obsessed with all things geeky or nerdy or, as we like to think of it: super-cool stuff.

In fact, when we aren't writing about things like auditioning for "Star Wars," Batkid, or the future of theHyperloop, we're probably talking about such subjects or collectively obsessing over some other sweet new tech.

Recently, we decided to look for ways to further share with readers this ongoing conversation about what seems to be the ever-widening glorious grip of geek culture. Our first experiment on this mission begins with a Google+ Hangout. Crave writers Bonnie Burton, Amanda Kooser, and myself have taken up what we hope will become a regular habit of gathering in a Hangout to discuss the latest developments in the Crave universe.

Below, I've embedded what we consider the beta test of a Crave Hangout in which we spent a while gabbing about a handful of our favorite stories from 2013. It's a little rough around the edges, and we'd like to hear your feedback about how we can improve it and make it better. We'd also love your suggestions on the kinds of topics you'd like to see us discuss in the future, and even your thoughts on a name for this regular gathering of geek minds.

We hope to reconvene for our next Hangout in January, sometime after the madness of CES. Next time around we'll announce in advance when we'll be hanging out so you can watch and join us live.