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Crave Ep. 117: Escape from Earth to three newly discovered hospitable planets

On this week's episode, we plan our escape to a new habitable planet found by NASA and take a look at a touch-based scanner that turns paper into touch screens. Plus, Project Unity lets you play 18 classic video consoles in one box.

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NASA's Kepler space telescope has discovered new habitable planets, but don't pack up your house just yet. Plus, we take a first look at Fujitsu's FingerLink touch-based projection scanner, and Project Unity lets you play up to 18 classic video consoles in one box.

Crave stories:

- Watch a device add a virtual touch screen to paper

- Artist paints photorealistic aquatic life in three dimensions

- Businessman buys $15 million black-diamond iPhone

- Play 15 classic consoles with one controller

- Judge holds himself in contempt for his cell phone

- Foul ball smashes into man using iPad as camera

- NASA has found 3 nice, habitable planets for us to choose from

- 90-year-old grandma rocks an Oculus Rift VR headset

- Crave giveaway: Grace Digital Ecoxbt waterproof Bluetooth speaker

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