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Crave Ep. 101: Russia's trampoline sidewalk

A sidewalk for jumpy people and a pet pedometer that tracks Fido's activity. That's right! The Crave podcast is making a comeback with producer Stephen Beacham.

Have you missed the weekly Crave podcast? We sure have. We are, therefore, very happy to tell you it's making a comeback with CNET producer Stephen Beacham! Catch the madness and mayhem below.

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Episode 101:

- Feeling jumpy? Bounce down a trampoline sidewalk

- Trotify puts Monty Python horse coconuts on your bike

- Chuck Taylors collide in nerdy shoe collection

- Geek out over Legend of Zelda playing cards

- DOE, NASA testing fission reactor for spaceflight

- Interchangeable clothing uses magnets to switch up the style

- $2.4 million air-conditioned limo submarine perfect for 007

- Robots invade iPad with content-rich app

- Fujitsu pet pedometer helps chunky dogs slim down

- Enter our CNET 100 contest

- 'Gangnam Style' Christmas lights assault the eyes

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