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Crave 18: Attack of the clones (podcast)

This week on Crave, it's a "things Donald loves" episode: vinyl, action cams, and beerbots. Also, Jasmine is a clone, and Boba Fett's rocketpack is more suggestive than we remember.

This week on Crave, it's a "things Donald loves" episode: vinyl, action cams, and beerbots. First up, the ultraportable turntable is making a comeback in the form of the Crosley Revolution Sound Burger, and Donald's sporting the shirt to prove he's a true audio geek. Next, we take a look at some compact camcorders that attach to ears or helmets. Also, Eric isn't exactly champing at the bit to get this week's bit of "Star Wars" paraphernalia: an oddly phallic Boba Fett backpack. But things take a turn for the better when we check out a robot that can pour drinks (read: beer). Finally, Jasmine hates the Nano, but does she hate all other electronics as well? Watch on for the answer.

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Episode 18

-The Sound Burger returns

-Jack White's triple-decker record

Extreme camcorders
-Looxcie wearable camera

-Helmet-cams get location-aware

-Flips to get decent microphone accessory

Geek fashion
-A backpack for Boba Fett

-HRP-4 robot can strike a pose, pour drinks

This is why you're fat
-Meat tree

Viewer feedback

Jasmine is a hater? Or is it a clone?

I just got finished watching Crave 17, and I can't get over how much it seems like Jasmine hates her own job! Not only was she just DOWN on the new Nano, but the way she sounded like she hates going to electronics cons for her job, I mean really? Either she's been cloned, and you got the bad copy, or perhaps she needs to look into another line of work! -Rick

(Donald's note: In Jasmine's defense, let's talk about why this Nano commercial is a lie)