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Cradle from Quirky: An iPad lap desk with a twist

Lap desks abound, but this one has a twist--an integrated circular plate, made from matte, soft-touch plastic, that lets you swivel the iPad between portrait and landscape views.

Quirky Cradle
One Quirky commenter notes that this picture "makes the product look very uncomfortable to use unless you are a great yoga practitioner. Ergonomics anybody?" Quirky

When you're not toting your iPad around in your C-3PO Bestin Backpack, you'll probably be using it, and you may be looking for a place to rest it securely while you're lounging in bed playing Civilization Revolution or thumbing through the iBookstore.

Design collaborative Quirky has conceived of the Cradle, a sleek little portable, lightweight lap desk for the Apple tablet. Lap desks abound, of course, but this one has a twist (literally)--an integrated circular plate, made from matte, soft-touch plastic, that grips your iPad snugly and lets you swivel the device between portrait and landscape views.

The desk--which measures 21 inches wide by 4 inches tall by 13 inches deep--is constructed from bamboo plywood, with a foam cushion lining the underside for added lap comfort.

For those unfamiliar with the Quirky model, the site lets members take product ideas from concept to shelf. Participants collaborate on every aspect of product creation--from design, naming, manufacturing, and marketing on through to sales. Anyone can participate on either by submitting their own product idea for $99, or by voting, rating, and influencing other people's product ideas.

The Cradle, available now for pre-sale in Quirky's online store for $52.50, is the 39th product designed and developed by the Quirky community since its launch last year. Other products include the Beamer iPhone case, DigiDude tripod, and Watt Time alarm clock.

It's always interesting to see what Quirky members (Quirkies?) have to say once a product rolls out, as they're highly focused on design and usability and never hesitant to share their views. So far, the Cradle is getting everything from compliments ("It's really awesome"); to constructive criticism ("Can you make the tabs that hold the iPad fold down? Then it can be used for multiple devices"); to slams ("It's too big. You've taken a nice, sleek piece of industrial design and turned it into a huge, clunky mess").

What do you think? Would you consider rocking the Cradle?

LapPad Demo for quirky from Hans Damkoehler on Vimeo.