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Cows stranded on earthquake-created island in New Zealand

Three cows huddled together on a tiny island of grass become the focus of a rescue effort in the aftermath of a major New Zealand earthquake.

Images of the aftermath of Monday's 7.8 magnitude earthquake in New Zealand show cracked streets and dramatically changed landscapes in the countryside. Two cows and a calf have become symbols for the damage after New Zealand news service Newshub captured video of the bovines stranded atop a tiny island carved out by the quake.

The helicopter footage show the cattle atop a small grassy plateau with steep sides all the way around. Newshub notes that "a number of cows have been spotted stranded by landslides."

The quake claimed at least two lives and aftershocks continue to shake New Zealand. According to the Federated Farmers of New Zealand, there is a growing flood danger and ranchers are encouraged to move their stock to higher ground.

Veterinarian Chris Brown, star of the "Bondi Vet" reality show, is involved in a rescue effort to try to get the three cows down from their precarious perch, but there is no word yet on whether it was successful.