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Cowon C2 shows hope that you still care about FLAC

Portable media player manufacturer Cowon America reveals photos and spec of a new device called the C2. Based on the design and specs of the older Cowon D2, the C2 will bring a smile to the faces of die-hard audio fans.

Photo of the Cowon C2.
The Cowon C2 portable media player is like an artifact from a parallel dimension where people still care about audio quality. Cowon

Ah, remember when people cared about the audio quality of their portable devices? Before our gadgets all became platforms for Angry Birds and Facebook status updates, the killer app was music playback.

The fine people over at Cowon are either blissfully unaware that the iPod era has ended, or are taking a long shot by pretending this whole smartphone and tablet thing is just a phase.

As evidence, we have photos of the Cowon C2 portable media player. As a successor to the Cowon D2, this latest version promises excellent audio quality, a generous assortment of format support (though no AAC), and a pocket-friendly form.

Unfortunately, there's not much else to brag about. The resistive 2.6-inch touch screen sports a paltry 320x240-pixel resolution, the design isn't exactly slender, and it has no wireless or Internet capabilities.

Cowon is stating that it will make versions in 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB capacities (expandable via microSD), but specifics of pricing and release date are still to be determined. For more details and images, check out our Cowon C2 gallery.