Court for man who exposed himself to Comcast

A man who allegedly exposed himself to a Comcast cable guy is set to stand trial for indecent exposure. Previously, a man claimed a Verizon cable guy reported his pot growing to the police.

This is a public-service announcement: please be very careful what you do when the cable guy comes around.

I make this announcement because I have just learned from the redoubtable Livingston Daily (the Livingston in Michigan, not the Scottish one, where Susan Boyle had her singing lessons) that a man is to stand trial for revealing a little too much of himself to Comcast.

No, not in a social-networking sense, though I know that Comcast is extremely active in this area.

Instead, Chris Philip Trikes, 45, of Howell, Mich., allegedly exposed his central nether regions to a Comcast chappy who was merely looking to speed up Mr. Trikes' Internet connection rather than his heartbeat.

Remember. He's watching you. And, perhaps, sniffing you out. CC Rick/Flickr

According to evidence from the Comcast chappy, Mr. Trikes began his ascent into excessive self-exposure by mentioning pornographic Web sites, as well as a video of some raciness that he claimed to have discovered in a garbage can.

Garbage cans can be receptacles of magic, can they not?

The technician seems to have decided that his best course of action was to mention a date that he was hoping to enjoy that evening (the complaint doesn't mention how that went).

Mr. Trikes' thrust to this parry was, allegedly, to show the Comcast guy his antenna.

This story may well merely be the latest chapter in an interesting trend. Last week, the Web site featured a post from a Maryland reader who claimed that he had a little problem with the Verizon cable guy.

He alleged that Verizon Fios needed to enter his apartment to do a little cabling. Knowing this, the poster, calling himself PuffPuffGive, moved his pot plants to a room away from the work area.

He described his marijuana plants as "ak-47 clones, 1 week to harvest, stinky, about half a pound."

Imagine his dismay when, one hour after the cable guy had disappeared, he allegedly received a rather official knock on the door. And there were people carrying little guns rather than AKs.

PuffPuffGive wrote: "Cops show up an hour later, say they've got a complaint, can they search? I say no, that I smoked a joint earlier in the day, and maybe they saw that, but why are they harassing me smoking a joint in my own house?"

People of the world, privacy is a delicate and precious thing. Please use it wisely.