Couple twitters their big fat geek wedding

A geek couple, clearly besotted with each other and Twitter, will not only live stream their wedding, but will make the reception a tweet-up.

Chris Matyszczyk
3 min read

One might speculate as to whether there will be a prenup. There will, however, definitely be a tweet-up.

For one avowedly committed, socially-entwined couple has decided to show that their commitment to each other and to the ever-flowing life-stream, cannot be devalued like the euro.

I am grateful to the romantics at ReadWriteWeb, who seem to have a divine hotline to Paul O'Flaherty and his bride-to-be, Sara.

Paul and Sara are to be married Saturday. But this will be no ordinary wedding. This will be the union of socially destined lovers.

The two run a Web site that Sara herself describes on her personal blog as enjoying "often offensive humor." They met online when they clashed over a blog post. And they got engaged at a tweet-up.

How dull and unromantic, therefore, if they merely went off to some church and had a reception for just a few family and friends.

So your heart might skip like an imperfect CD when I tell you that Paul and Sara will be married Saturday in Mobile, Ala., and that their reception will be a Twitter tweet-up.

Aren't these just the most adorable bride and groom cupcakes? CC CleverCupcakes/Flickr

Naturally, the whole thing will be live-streamed. How could one have imagined otherwise?

Sara's blog gives a true and beautiful tinge to what is to come: "A purple dress. A kilt. A best man who is *all* woman. Live-streaming and live-tweeting. A Twitter-themed-pot-luck-pool-party-reception. Rock Band. A pinata. A sex toy toss in place of the bouquet."

Perhaps you, like me, focus on certain aspects of this description. This "Twitter-themed-pot-luck" thing. In what way might those present get lucky exactly?

This obviously original couple offers such beautiful words in their wedding invitation that one can only imagine how joyous their ultimate union will be. They declare that they will "merge their life-streams and the contents of their hard drives forever."

Please, breathe deeply. I know you never usually cry at chick flicks, but this is another level of emotion altogether.

For those of you who cannot resist a happy beginning just as much as a happy ending, the reception will be live-streamed here and here. And the reception will be hosted at Twitter.com/wigenout and Twitter.com/imwigen.

I understand there are some considerable nerves before the big socially networked event.

On his blog Thursday, O'Flaherty described his state as somewhat parlous: "My legs look like a red splotched version of the moon--all craters and bumps. The Alabama bugs have decided I'm some sort of imported delicacy to munch on and refuse to leave me alone even when I practically shower in bug repellent. Not good for a bloke who's wearing a kilt to his wedding."

I know many of you change your plans for the weekend in order to tune in and tweet up.

However, I hear, from a very reliable source at CNET, that in this season of sunshine and promises, another geek couple committed themselves an exalted level of fan-coupleism. Not only did they get engaged via Twitter, but they projected a running list of tweets and photos on the wall as the wedding was happening. Oh, of course they changed their Facebook status before they did the "I do."

But here's the thing. They read their vows from iPads. Yes, of course it was in San Francisco. (The groom Dale Larson, has kindly given me permission, via his iPad from honeymoon in Belize, to direct everyone to the Twitter hash tag, #dlwed.)

One can only wish both couples the bliss of a thousand merged technologies.