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Couple hospitalized after trying to save flat-screen from fire

Firefighters in Minnesota enter a burning apartment, only to find a couple grappling with their TV, in a desperate attempt to save it.

It's not worth it.
MoneyTalksNews/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk

On the generous side, none of us knows what we'd do if our homes suddenly caught fire.

On the less generous side, there's been a series of incidents in which people risked their lives -- and in one case lost it -- by trying to retrieve electronic items from burning buildings.

The latest comes from St. Paul, Minn. As the Pioneer Press reports, firemen were called to a burning basement apartment.

Inside the smoke-filled living room, they found a couple grappling with their flat-screen's wires, in a desperate attempt to take it with them.

As St. Paul Fire Marshal Steve Zaccard told the Pioneer Press: "They were doing the wrong thing. If you can't fight the fire, get out and call the fire department. Don't grab your belongings. They can be replaced. Your life can't be."

It seems like obvious advice. But it wasn't the counsel heeded by the Kansas man who rushed back into his burning house to save his Xbox.

It was also ignored by two men in Plano, Texas, who just a couple of weeks ago rushed back into their burning home to retrieve cell phones. Only one came out alive.

The Star Tribune reports that the St. Paul couple are in hospital suffering from smoke inhalation.