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Cosplay still very much alive at New York Comic Con

Comic Con New York may not be as big as San Diego, but the passion runs just as deep.

Joseph Kaminski/CNET

NEW YORK -- Comic Con's annual convention in New York has been and gone this time around, but each year it continues to grow. This year has proven to be more crowded than ever. If it continues at this pace, the Javits Center could be tempted to add another wing. Booths were in abundance as well as the celebrities, but attractions of the vehicular nature were nowhere to be found.

Maybe it's just me, but I was expecting with the 75th anniversary of "Batman" that the Batmobile would be somewhere to be seen. But many would have been disappointed. Another point I found confusing was with the 30th anniversary of "Ghostbusters," where I was hopping for an Ernie Hudson sighting (or Ecto-1, at very least). They were, after all, in attendance last year.

However, I have to say Comic Con fans did not disappoint, as Cosplay was in full force all weekend. Check out the photos for your viewing pleasure.