Cosmic Wii story wins film festival

A film about the Wii won the first Nintendo Short Stories contest

If you had a hankering to win a contest to make the best short Nintendo-themed film, you're disappointed Tuesday. Unless your name is Jack Paccione, that is.

Paccione's film, Good vs. Wiivil, in which the successful video game console is placed in the middle of a cosmic struggle between right and wrong, won the first-ever Nintendo Short Cuts Showcase film festival. He beat out nine other entrants.

Nintendo was clearly happy about the more than 200 content entries given that each of these works celebrated the company and its work.

"It reinforced our innovation and our own creativity," Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime told CNET "That's the brand link in all of this, and the fact that these ten short films dealt with huge parts of our own rich heritage."

As the winner, Paccione gets ten grand towards a future film project, plus a passel of Nintendo machines and games.