Corvette computer

Stardock offers a Windows desktop theme based on the Chevrolet Corvette.

Give your computer a Corvette interface.

If you spend all day at a computer but would rather be out driving twisty roads in a Corvette, this desktop theme will assuage your passion, a little. GM let software maker Stardock use its Corvette brand to create a full Windows desktop theme. Stardock has been redesigning the Windows interface for a long time, so this theme does more than add a Corvette picture to the wallpaper and change a few icons. The software pack comes with a Corvette-themed media player, a Corvette clock and calendar, and a weather application, presumably so your computer can tell you if it's a particularly nice day for driving. The theme also comes with a Corvette engine sound that plays at startup, a great way to get started in the morning and annoy your cubicle mates. The theme costs $19.95 and is downloadable from Stardock.