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Copia announces $99 color e-reader

Hot on the heels of Amazon's unveiling of its next-generation Kindles, Copia has announced a $99 e-reader that it says will ship this fall.

Copia says its $99 e-reader will arrive this fall.

Drafting off the news that Amazon will release a $139 Kindle, Copia has revealed that it will sell a 5-inch color e-reader this fall for $99. The device has a color LCD and will tap into Copia's upcoming community-based e-reading platform, which is now in beta testing.

I got an early look at the Copia platform last year, and while it looked impressive, we've yet to see any devices emerge from the company and we're still waiting for the platform to launch after already being delayed a few months.

Copia, a subsidiary of DMC Worldwide, plans to release a line of e-readers, but it will have its work cut out for it as Amazon and Barnes & Noble are locked in a price war and have attractive Wi-Fi e-reader options at $139 and $149. We suspect that Sony, too, will soon announce a next-generation e-reader of its own.

Except for the price, scant details emerged on Copia's 5-inch $99 e-reader and in a Wall Street Journal article, Tony Antolino, senior vice president of DMC Worldwide, said Copia had to do a revision of its hardware after the iPad arrived. "The iPad disrupted pricing strategy for everyone in the e-reader market," he said, "and after the price wars with Barnes and Noble and Amazon, everyone's trying to differentiate themselves from a price-point perspective."

Recently, Pandigital introduced The Novel, a 7-inch color-screen e-reader that has a tie-in with Barnes & Noble's eBookstore. The Novel's list price is $199.99 but we've seen it for as low as $170.