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CoolIT's Eliminator CPU cooler says "ice to see you"

Self-contained liquid CPU cooler

We don't normally delve into the seedy world of PC-cooling hardware, but when CoolIT's Geoff Lyon came in to talk with us last week about his company's new Eliminator CPU Cooler, we thought it was worth a mention. If you've ever tried to liquid-cool your PC, you'll know setup can be a hassle. We've tried it. Not fun.

CoolIt's Eliminator self-contained liquid-cooling hardware. CoolIT

Enter the Eliminator. A self-contained liquid-cooling system that fits entirely inside most large PC cases, the Eliminator and its bigger brother, the Freezone (for hotter running quad-core chips) let you get rid of that noisy CPU fan and get to overclocking without the risk of spilling liquid all over your pricey, new PC. You still need to clean off the old thermal paste from your CPU and apply a new coat--CoolIT includes a fresh supply in the box--so there's still an element of finesse involved in the install. Still, most of the grunt work has already been taken care of because the tubing comes prefitted and the cooling liquid has been prefilled.

You should find both the Eliminator and the Freezone on store shelves now, for about $175 and $300, respectively. The Eliminator will fit on any AMD or Intel dual-core chip, and the Freezone is designed to handle Intel's quad-core CPUs. And while we haven't tested either the Eliminator or the Freezone as standalone products, we have seen an OEM version of the Freezone at work in the Dell XPS 710 H2C (although we didn't know that's what it was at the time). Your experience may differ depending on your case, your hardware, and other factors, but in that particular system, anyway, we were impressed by how little noise it made.