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Cool your laptop with Chinese opera

Laptop cooling pad is also a decorative nod to the high drama of Chinese opera.

Chinese Opera laptop cooling pad

Back when I was a kid, we had to blow on our laptops (and carry them 10 miles in the snow, by the way) to keep them cool. These days, you young whippersnappers have things a whole lot easier.

Take, for example, the Chinese Beijing Opera USB laptop cooling pad. Just plug it in. It contains three quiet built-in fans to dissipate hot air from underneath your notebook and keep your system cool. But it's also a decorative nod to the high drama of Chinese opera.

The cooling pad is powered via a retractable USB cable, and is light and portable, weighing about 1.5 pounds. An added bonus: that fierce-looking red, white, and black face mask might scare off laptop thieves.

The cooling pad goes for $24.99 online, plus a $5 shipping fee. Rhythmic accompaniment not included. Thanks, Jenny, for sending this one in.