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Cool-er e-reader put on ice?

According to a Dutch site, Interead, the company the makes the Cool-er e-reader, is in the process of being liquidated.

The Cool-er may be kaput.

Maybe you remember the Cool-er e-reader, which came in a variety of colors and got some good publicity when it launched last year. Well, it appears that Interead, the UK-based company behind the Cool-er is in the process of being liquidated, and that probably means the end of the line for the poorly named e-reader that sought to make "reading cool."

The site TeleRead reports that a Dutch site got word that someone seeking customer support from the company didn't get any and e-mailed the executives at Interead only to get a reply that the company was in liquidation. The translation from the Dutch is somewhat garbled, but the note from an e-mail reply attributed to Interead's director of marketing seems pretty straightforward: "Hello, I am sorry to say that the company went into liquidation."

Interead's Web site is still up and the Cool-er is still being advertised but you can no longer order it. We were hoping the company would get to a second product with a better designed interface and wireless capabilities, but alas, it appears to be another casualty in the e-reader wars.

(Source: Publishing Perspectives via Teleread)