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Cool 10,000-piece Lego Millennium Falcon has got it where it counts

Singapore-based Titans Creations has re-created the iconic Star Wars space freighter in exacting detail using Lego bricks, minifigs and custom LEDs.

Here's the whole 10,000-brick creation in all its glory. Titans Creations

Titans Creations has put together an intricate Lego interpretation of the Millennium Falcon, in all of its cross-sectioned glory. The project took the Singapore-based team of six over two months to complete in time for Legoland Malaysia's event on May 4.

The entire spaceship uses more than 10,000 pieces of Lego bricks and minifigs and sits at 144cm by 144cm, according to its creators, Titans Creations. It's about 40 percent larger than Lego's very own Star Wars "Ultimate Collector's Edition" of the Millennium Falcon, which is 84cm by 56cm, according to the Brickpedia, a database of Lego products.

It's even built to minifig-scale -- making the ship's dimensions a perfect fit for the little Lego character figurines that man the spacecraft. Titans Creations took it a step further by adding 24 LEDs to light the corridors, hyperdrive, rear thrusters and cockpit.

While we can't exactly turn people into a Lego minifig for them to tour the model itself, you can still explore the interior of the spaceship by checking out the makers' Flickr page. You can also see how the LED add-ons work by watching their Facebook video.

Titans Creations claim that their Millennium Falcon is what is referred to as an "MOC" (My Own Creation), which makes this build unique. The team doesn't have building instructions that are readily available, making the freighter tough to replicate. The Titans Creations team consider themselves passionate MOCers, and they have certainly made their mark with this model.

Lego's original Millennium Falcon. Lego