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Convergence: friend or phone?

Embracing all things geeky, we chat convergence, graphics cards, BlackBerrys, and inspect the fallout from the iPhone 4G loss.


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Welcome to the latest edition of CNET Australia's Pulse podcast.

Our Pulse podcast is a weekly discussion of the cool and quirky world of technology. It goes hand in hand with our sister section, Pulse.

(Credit: Adum Babuji)

What's that on the right? One of the entries to our competition. This week is your last chance to score yourself a free copy of David Thorne's book The Internet is a Playground by sending us your pictures drawn in your favourite image-editing program. Email your entries to and for more details click here. Come on, you know you want to!

Your hosts are CNET editors Ty Pendlebury, Derek Fung, Craig Simms, Michelle Starr and Lexy Savvides.

This episode's topics of discussion include:

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