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Control your iPod from 500 feet away

ABT's iJet two-way RF remote lets you control what's on your iPod from around the house.

Challenging the Keyspan TuneView is iJet's black two-way RF iPod remote (available in March for $129.95), which lets you view your tracks and control your player from up to 500 feet away. (This was measured in an open space, always a popular RF-range caveat; since there are walls in the real world, your results may vary.)

The iJet is a fraction of TuneView's size, just a bit smaller than a Nano. Both your iPod and the remote charge in a dock, which transmits the contents and EQ settings menus to the remote for viewing and choosing in its 4-line OLED.

The iJet, which is likely to be marketed by DLO through a new partnership between the two companies, also can control Apple's Jukebox function. ABT was showing an all-black version; there may or may not be a white version.

A full charge of iJet's rechargeable battery supplies enough juice for six hours of constant use and weeks of just lying around not being used. But since it's small enough to lose, we'd keep it in its dock.