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Control which Foursquare check-in alerts your iPhone receives

Foursquare recently updated its iOS app to give users more control over check-in alerts.

You can now control which Foursquare check-ins will trigger an alert on your iPhone. Previously, you were able only to turn alerts on or off for a particular Foursquare friend, and that's still the case for Android and BB10 users. With the latest update to the Foursquare app, version 5.4.3, you'll be able to assign a contact to one of three different notifications categories: Off, Nearby, Always.

When set to Off you'll never receive an alert for that contact. Nearby will work similarly to the way check-in notifications have in the past, and Always will alert you of every check-in for that contact no matter their location.

  • To adjust your notification settings in the iPhone app, make sure you have the latest update and then tap on your Profile tab. From there tap "My Settings" and then "Check-in Notifications".
Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET
  • You'll see a list of your contacts, with a button for each of the three notification categories. Go through and set up your alerts according to your preference.
  • Should you decide to turn off check-in notifications altogether with the toggle at the top of your friends list, you will still receive alerts but only for those contacts you have set to Always.

With the Always setting, you can now follow a friend's or family member's vacation through Foursquare without having to open the app regularly to see where they're checking in.