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Control an office Christmas tree with your browser

All you need is a browser to take control of Incredible Machines' office Christmas tree. Change the lights and make them blink on command.

Incredible Machines Christmas tree
Bend this Christmas tree to your will.
Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Incredible Machines, a design agency known for playing with art and technology, has a different kind of holiday card this year. It has invited the Web browser-wielding public to hack the office Christmas tree.

The tree is stocked with a Visualight Wi-Fi-enabled lighting platform of the agency's own creation. The site runs a live video feed of the tree. Beneath it are controls that let you choose the LED color and command the tree to blink on one of three speeds: slow, medium, and insane-speed. I made that last one up -- it's actually called "fast."

There's a certain feeling of satisfaction you get from triggering the tree. The blinking only lasts for a few moments, which gives it an addictive quality where you want to try all the different color and blink combinations.

The tree even has a name: "Treeeee," which was probably a result of the domain name being available rather than having any special meaning. You can always pull up the site and leave it open on your work computer to decorate your cubicle with a minimum amount of fuss. When you need to blow off some steam, just pick out a good devil-red light color and blink away.

(Via Make)