Control access to your Twitter account on iOS 5

As the iOS 5 beta builds have progressed, new features and options have been implemented. With the most recent round of updates, a new option to control which apps have access to your Twitter account has been added.

Jason Cipriani Contributing Writer, ZDNet
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Jason Cipriani
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One of the features announced when iOS 5 was revealed during Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference back in June was deep Twitter integration. What this meant to the end user was that any developer could easily implement Twitter into their app, allowing tweets, links, and pictures to be sent with ease.

There may be instances where a user doesn't want a particular app to have access to their Twitter account. In previous beta builds there was no way to prevent this--there is now. 

To limit which apps have access to your Twitter account, the first thing you will need to do is go to Settings in your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

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Once you are in Settings, scroll down and tap on the Twitter option.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani

In early beta builds, this was the extent of the Twitter settings screen. You were able to add an account, or update your contacts' information, and that was it. Now, if you scroll down, you are presented with the option to allow or disallow access to your Twitter account app by app. Go ahead, scroll down to the bottom of this screen.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani

Here you will see any app that has requested access to your Twitter account. To deny access to any app, simply toggle the switch next to the app name from On to Off. Once access is turned off, when that particular app tries to access your Twitter information you will be presented with a dialog like the one below.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani

Of course, you can always go back into the Twitter settings and turn access back on.

It's great to see these little additions to iOS 5 as it gets closer to public release this fall.